Our unique way of working together

Embodying Partnership Pedagogical Innovation means that we know how to look at both the Educational Institutions and the Learners.

On the learner side, our local teams, because they are fully trained and informed, are constantly recruiting new candidates and classifying them according to their pedagogical choices.

When we have a sufficient quorum of learners for a given subject or programme, we contact the educational institution that we feel is best suited to the project and offer to co-create with them the teaching arrangements needed to welcome, support and train these learners.

But sometimes it's the educational institution that contacts us. This may be because they want to broaden their learner base, have a specific programme they want to test or boost, or because they are considering creating a partnership with another school or university.

It is then up to our local teams to canvass and come back to the Educational Institution once the quorum of learners has been reached. The Educational Institution has complete control over this process: if one or more candidates are not suitable, we start the prospecting phase all over again, entirely at our own expense.

This perfect understanding of the sector, its players and their real needs, combined with our agility and responsiveness, are at the heart of ENOFAP's promise to its customers, educational institutions and learners: to help them grow.